What Is Medical Imaging?

What Is Medical Imaging?

Medical imaging is a technique and process that is used to create images of various parts of the human body for treatment and diagnostic purposes.

What Is Medical Imaging?

Medical imaging is a technique and process that is used to create images of various parts of the human body for treatment and diagnostic purposes.

Medical imaging includes various radiological imaging techniques such as fluoroscopy, X-ray radiation, endoscopy, ultrasound, tactile imaging, elastography, thermography, medical photography, and nuclear medicine functional imaging techniques. Also in this list of medical imaging are measurements and recording techniques that don’t create images but produce data that are often represented as graphs or maps. These include techniques such as electroencephalography (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG), and electrocardiography (EKG). The Waleed Alabsi group avails a wide scale of medical imaging equipment for clinical facilities around the globe.

How is Medical Imaging Used in Digital Health?

Medical imaging is critical in every medical setting and at every level of healthcare. The use of medical imaging helps physicians to arrive at more accurate diagnoses and the making of appropriate treatment decisions. With a lack of medical imaging diagnosis and treatment can be difficult to achieve with accuracy.

Important applications for medical imaging techniques:

  1. The Waleed Alabsi Group supplies Projectional radiographs which are used to identify bone fractures, pathological changes in lungs, and diagnosis of certain types of cancer.
  2. Fluoroscopy is used to come up with real-time images of various internal parts and structures of the body
  3. MRI scanning produces a two-dimensional image of the body and brain
  4. Scintigraphy is used to capture a two-dimensional image from the radiation emitted by injected radioisotopes to detect regions that have biological activity associated with the disease.
  5. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is used to diagnose and treat various pathologies by use of certain properties of isotopes and the energetic particles that are emitted from radioactive material.
  6. Medical ultrasonography produces images of a heart, fetus, breasts, abdominal organs, heart, breast, muscles, tendons, arteries, and veins for diagnostic purposes.
  7. Elastography is used to map out the elastic properties of soft tissues in the body.
  8. Tactile imagingproduces images of the prostate, vagina, breasts, pelvic floor support structures, and myofascial trigger points in muscles through the transformation of the sense of touch into digital images.
  9. Photoacoustic imaging provides in vivo tumor angiogenesis monitoring, blood oxygenation mapping, skin melanoma detection, and functional brain imaging.
  10. Thermography techniques are used to detect breast tumors through applications such as tele-thermography, contact thermography, and dynamic angiothermography.
  11. Tomography techniques are used to produce images of the body structures in thin sections (CT, PET scanning).
  12. The Waleed Alabsi Groupalso supplies the Echocardiography imaging device. This one specificallyprovides detailed structures of the heart, including chamber size, heart function, pericardium, and the valves of the heart

Current Affairs, Market and Industry Trends in Medical Imaging:

A research report by Markets & Markets, the medical imaging market is expected to grow to approximately $26.6 billion at an estimated CAGR of 4.2%

Xray constituted a large percentage share of around 34% followed by ultrasound a 21%, CT scan at 19.5%, MRI at 18.5%, and nuclear medicine at 7%.

Following the informed advice of Waleed Alabsi, the  factors that are driving the medical imaging market are:

  1. The cost and clinical advantages of medical imaging modalities
  2. The increase of aging populations in many parts of the developed world
  3. The increased prevalence of cardiovascular diseases
  4. The increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases
  5. The Waleed Alabsi Group has gained increased popularity of late due to the increased demand for Medical Imaging devices, around the globe.

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