Waleed Alabsi

Waleed Alabsi CEO, The Alabsi Group

Led by CEO Waleed Alabsi, The Alabsi Group specializes in providing cutting-edge business solutions to companies around the globe.

Waleed Alabsi is internationally known for his expertise in connectivity across dozens of industries world wide.

As a pioneer and disruptor, Waleed has a proven track record of helping businesses “connect the dots,” and has the unique ability to simplify even the most complicated and integrated business structures.

As an instructor, speaker and author, Waleed he has touched and helped to improve the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world.

A noted humanitarian, Waleed Alabsi has spearheaded many philanthropic efforts, including the fundraising of charitable contributions for his 501c3. His tireless efforts have had a global impact. Waleed is especially proud of his efforts toward easing the financial burden of college and trade schools for underprivileged students, and his exemplary work with amputees that has helped give the gift of mobility to those who thought they may never walk again.

As an economic developer, Waleed has been able to put roofs over the heads of families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations with an incalculable impact.

It’s no wonder the list of companies and organizations positively influenced and impacted by Mr. Waleed Alabsi’s profound knowledge and support claim,

“He is a man of Integrity and RESULTS, period.”

  • Waleed Alabsi

    Chairman of the Board

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