All About Medical Imaging Technology

All About Medical Imaging Technology

Medical imaging technology picks the images of the inner human body for diagnostic purposes. Read on to know more.

All about Medical Imaging Technology

As the name says, medical imaging captures the images of any parts of your body for diagnostic and treatment purposes for your health. It is a broad term, which covers radio imaging technologies, including x-ray radiography, magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), and more. Contact Mr Waleed Alabsi to get the best medical imaging equipment for your facility. He forms the Alabsi Group that connects businesses across the globe.

We will give you further details about the medical imaging technology so that you have a clear understanding of it.

X-Ray machine:

X-Radiation is a method of capturing photos of the human skeletal system. It is one of the oldest forms of medical imaging technology, which proves to be the best for identifying fractures, broken bones, and more.


A Computerized Tomography scan includes a computer and a rotating X-Ray machine for taking cross-section images of the body. It shows more details than a normal X-Ray provides. Doctors can check blood vessels, soft tissues, and bones in different parts. It visualizes the head, shoulders, spine, heart, abdomen, knee, and other parts.

MRI Scanner:

Magnetic Resonance Imaging improves the treatment by offering clear and in-depth details of human anatomy and physiology. With the help of MRI, doctors can get a comprehensive knowledge of different health complications that a patient experiences. The technology uses magnetic and radio waves to capture images of the human body.

Open MRI:

Open MRI machines give more freedom to patients and radiologists during the tests. The openness of the machines help radiologists set the patients without pulling them out of the machine.

Bone densitometer:

This machine measures the bone minerals and density of the bones using Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA). Radiologists check the amount of energy a bone consumes to measure bone health. Bone density is an important factor in keeping yourself protected from osteoporosis problems.


C-Arms are an advanced version of X-Ray and CT scans. The increased bright lights give doctors a better view of the bones for conducting the treatments.

Nuclear Medicine Camera:

Unlike conventional medical imaging technology, it takes pictures of the body from the inside, not the outside. Patients are given fluids with a small amount of radiation to be digested. When they digest the fluid, the nuclear medicine camera scans the inner parts by the radiation emitted from the body. The information together forms a 3-D model inside of a patient’s body.

Ultrasounds and Sonogram:

An ultrasound machine detects the sounds emitted from the body and which the human ear cannot detect. The ultrasound machine picks up the sound and sends it to a computer for display and analysis. Physicians will have a clear idea about what area of the body works wrongly to plan the right treatment.

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